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About Us

Cyngulum is designed to help students improve their scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Our program was developed by teachers and scientists - including published experts in the fields of neuroscience, biophysics, and biochemistry. We help students acquire content knowledge, become critical thinkers, and grow as independent learners. We have over a decade of experience in teaching and tutoring. Here we've found a way to translate that live teaching experience into a powerful and transformative online experience.

How We Help

Cyngulum's online learning program provides hundreds of questions that are constructed to improve learning using precise word choice, carefully placed clues, and encouragement to search for definitions and concepts. These questions are automatically graded for immediate feedback. Working through the questions and correcting mistakes helps students learn new material through a proven question and answer format. By the time students can answer every question, they will have created an understanding of the material that is unique and is driven by their curiosity - a learning experience unlike any other.

It's Just a Bunch of Tests!

Yes, at first glance it will appear as if all we provide are multiple choice tests - in some cases only 1-2 tests per subtopic. Each test, however, provides a framework for a large number of concepts. Students shouldn't treat Cyngulum tests like high-stakes tests at all. In fact, we encourage them to search for unfamiliar concepts online as they answer questions. Students should take our tests as many times as necessary to learn and solidify concepts.

Successful completion of a Cyngulum subject involves a progression through three phases:
1) Research unfamiliar concepts to help you think through a question,
2) Answer questions using recognition based memory and process of elimination
3) Answer questions entirely by recall without looking at answer choices or outside sources.

Customized Tutoring With Cyngulum Mentors

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SHSAT Small Group Courses:
  • Maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Guaranteed admission into one of your top 5 choices of schools.
  • 30 hour package - $850.
  • Free Skype and email access to teachers.
  • Payment plans available.
SAT Biology and Chemistry
Small Group Courses
  • Average score increase of 120 points.
  • 32 two hour sessions - $850.
  • Payment plans available.

Small Classes Tailored to Student Goals

For nearly a decade, we've been helping New York City middle school, high school, and college students improve their grades and test scores. We’ve found that students learn the most when they actively answer questions, solve problems, and learn from their own mistakes.

With this in mind, when we work with students – whether it’s on performance in class or on standardized tests – we challenge them to work through carefully designed tests in addition to helping with more traditional studying.

By analyzing student answers to test questions and finely dissecting a student’s approach
to problem solving, we can tailor our tutoring sessions to a student’s specific needs. This allows us to maximize student performance by focusing on what is most important. In doing so, we make time spent studying more efficient while significantly improving performance.

Our tutors have at least five years of experience teaching at top tier specialized high schools,and they are current teachers in the New York City school system. In addition, they have advanced degrees in the sciences and in education. Over the years, they have gained experience working with a diverse group of students.

Several tutoring options are available including in-home sessions and individual or group sessions at our offices in downtown Manhattan (222 Broadway). If you would like to know more about our services,please contact us at info@cyngulum.com or 267-317-7884. We look forward to helping all students meet their academic goals.