Institutional Access for Classrooms, Schools, and Enrichment Programs

Over the past decade, we’ve found that students learn the most when they actively answer questions, solve problems, and learn from their own mistakes. This approach, while initially very challenging, is overwhelmingly supported by cognitive studies (for example, see Roediger and Karpicke, 2006 and New York Times, 2014).

Teachers and administrators have used our question driven program to improve student engagement and performance. Our program has been used as a workbook replacement or supplement, for homework assignments, summer assignments, and on occasion for classwork. To help students all over the world, we've set up an institutional license option, allowing schools, community centers, enrichment programs, and tutoring centers to give all their students access to Cyngulum's online and app based tools.

How have teachers used our programs?

During the School Year: Over the Summer: How to Purchase and Use Your Institutional License:
  1. Click Institutional Access after logging in to the Members page
  2. Choose and purchase an access code
  3. Instruct students to register online at (desktop or mobile device)
  4. Students can log in and choose a subject
  5. Students enter your chosen access code in the box labeled "Code" when prompted

Currently, a one year site license for your whole school can be purchased for $499. Please log in to access our store. Click the Institutional Access button on the Members page to get started. In just a few seconds your entire school or program will have access to Cyngulum!