About Us

Cyngulum is designed to help students improve their scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Our program was developed by teachers and scientists - including published experts in the fields of neuroscience, biophysics, and biochemistry. We help students acquire content knowledge, become critical thinkers, and grow as independent learners. We have over a decade of experience in teaching and tutoring. Here we've found a
way to translate that live teaching experience into a powerful and transformative online experience.

How We Help

Cyngulum's online learning program provides hundreds of practice questions focusing on the most important concepts needed to understand a subject. These questions are automatically graded online to help our members get immediate feedback. Working through the questions will help you learn new material through a proven question and answer format. We encourage you to research new concepts as you find them in each question you answer. By the time you can answer every question on your own, you will have created an understanding of the material that is unique to your needs and is driven by your own curiosity. We believe that this is a learning experience unlike any other.

It's Just a Bunch of Tests!

Yes, at first glance it will appear as if all we provide are multiple choice tests - in many cases only 1-2 tests per subtopic. Each test, however, provides a framework for a large number of concepts. To get the most out of your experience with us, you shouldn't treat the tests like tests at all. In fact, we encourage you to look up concepts online as you answer questions. Search online for any unfamiliar terms and ideas that you find in the questions and even in the answer choices. Take the tests as many times as necessary until you can answer all the questions correctly.
Successful completion of a subject involves a progression through three phases: 1) Research unfamiliar concepts to help you think through a question, 2) Answer questions using recognition based memory and process of elimination, and 3) Answer questions entirely by recall without looking at answer choices or outside sources.

How To Get Started

To get started, complete the free registration process by clicking Register. This will give you access to the members area. You can then choose to purchase access to a 10-month test driven course ($9.98 each) by choosing a subject from the drop-down menu (more subjects coming soon).

Teachers and school administrators can purchase schoolwide access to all content by registering and selecting Institutional Access in the members area. For a limited time, one year of institutional access is $780. Please click Teachers and Administrators for more information.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to click the "Questions" tab above or email us at info@cyngulum.com. Please keep in mind that because of the nature of the content we provide, we cannot offer refunds.